When we make music it feels like the ‘break’ of 10 years didn’t even happen.


Yukka - Woman has no soul music video coming soon!
Yukka plays Full of Fire live at Metropool Hengelo
Yukka - The Making Of Still
Yukka plays 'Don't Be Sad' live at RTL4 Barend en van Dorp.
Yukka plays 'Starlight' live at RTL4 Barend en van Dorp
Yukka - Don't Be Sad music video
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Yukka - Woman Has No Soul

Woman Has No Soul - CD Single,

  • 1Woman Has No Soul4:20
Yukka - Studio Moscow

Studio Moscow - EP,

  • 1Woman Has No Soul4:20
  • 2About That Day4:15
  • 3Downtown4:23
Yukka - Still

Still - CD,

  • 1Full of Fire3:12
  • 2Not Happening4:00
  • 3Hide Away4:47
  • 4Coming Home4:37
  • 5Shady Sadie2:47
  • 6I Can't Sleep4:33
  • 7High2:55
  • 8Streetlights/Sidewalks3:19
  • 9Come to Me3:14
  • 10Ready for Your Love2:55
  • 11My Final Remark4:19
  • 12Maybe4:35
  • 13Timing Is Everything3:34
  • 14Wild In Me4:11
  • 15Trouble4:24
  • 16Still2:14
Yukka - Don't Be Sad

Don't Be Sad - CD Single,

  • 1Don't Be Sad (radio edit)3:08
  • 2I Want You (radio edit)4:42
Yukka - It Isn't Safe

It Isn't Safe - CD,

  • 1Starlight3:55
  • 2Under The Waterfall4:49
  • 3I Want You4:43
  • 4>Don't Be Sad3:07
  • 5Cooling Down3:14
  • 6Sounds3:06
  • 7Shoot Me Dead4:32
  • 8Go Round5:20
  • 9Outside5:02
  • 10Nothing On My Mind3:50
  • 11Starlight #25:18
Yukka - Insane, Baby

Insane, Baby - CD,

  • 1It’s Okay4:08
  • 2Insane Baby5:00
  • 3Someone’s Gotta Give3:39
  • 4Prostitute4:10
  • 5Swept Away4:08
  • 6Brand New Day4:05
Yukka - Out of Man

Out of Man - CD,

  • 1Not So Crowded Anymore5:27
  • 2Beautiful4:01
  • 3Wear Me Out6:44
  • 4Out Of Man5:33
  • 5Thinking4:13
Yukka - Stereo

Stereo - CD, 1995

  • 1Down Like Jesus4:38
  • 2Tender Dark2:45
  • 3Sad Run4:04
  • 4Today's Options3:15
Older Album
Newer Album


It all started in 1995, in a venue called Atak, in Enschede. There, the boys from Yukka played their first tunes.

In the years after that the Indie/Rock band has created its own musical framework, roughly between The Afghan Whigs and Ryan Adams, between Paul Weller and Curtis Mayfield, between The Stereophonics and Soundgarden. Yukka has played close to 200 live shows, both home and abroad, and has been a guest on national radio and television.

Now, after a ‘sabbatical’ of 10 years, the band has made its first live appearance at Poppodium Metropool (Hengelo). There, they celebrated the release of their new EP ‘Studio Moscow’.

At one point the friends that once formed Yukka – Jasper Slaghuis (vocals), Arjan Brentjes (Guitar), Martijn Slagt (Bass) and Jeroen Slagt (Drums) - started feeling the urge to play again. After a few rehearsals they decided to do some shows, as well as release a new EP: Studio Moscow.

Jasper: “When we make music it feels like the ‘break’ of 10 years didn’t even happen. We are very proud to present our new EP and to let people know we can still play!”


  • 20 18
    Woman Has No Soul
  • 20 18
    Studio Moscow
  • 20 05
  • 20 03
    CD single
    Don't Be Sad
  • 20 03
    It Isn't Safe
  • 20 00
    Insane, Baby
  • 19 97
    Out Of Man
  • 19 95

Compilation albums:

  • 20 08
    Dutch Rock Bands
    Nederland Rockt
  • 20 04
    Dollypop Festival Live
    Dollypop 2003
  • 20 04
    Enschede Fireworks Disaster


Jasper Slaghuis vocals, guitar
Arjan Brentjes guitar, vocals
Martijn Slagt bass guitar
Jeroen Hilfert Slagt drums, percussion
Ivo Maassen guitar (until 2017)

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